Coined - the best tool for fundamentalist traders

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the best tool for fundamentalist traders











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imagine you have a curated and specific newspaper about the coins and news that you need to know, coined will update you everyday with the most important information in the cryptocurrencie world



Hunter: @ecuaminte

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Keep up the hunt!
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  • It is a free app for iOs and Android
  • Shown news are reviewed before by a team


  • They state that you know everything in five minutes so details seem not to be very important


  • Provides the summary of the most important news in the world of cryptocurrencies
  • To use it, simply download it, it is not necessary to register an account
  • Free application available on Android and IOS
  • News go through verification process


  • I do not see any against this application

Nice hunt bro

Pros :

  • Great app that gives alerts about crypto
  • We can Down it for free
  • This app gives information that are related to cryptocurrency

Cons :

  • Very good application so cons for this

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  • Summary of news save us time
  • Daily dose of news keep us updated in 5 min
  • Done by reliable editors who are professional journalists, top experts or influencers
  • Customised to receive only news related to certain coins
  • Free to try


  • It is free so nothing to complain especially we are on the move it keeps use updated on time