Avida Rock - Solar-powered off-road caravan

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Avida Rock

Solar-powered off-road caravan



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Hunter's comment

The newest Avida Rock is a caravan designed to survive the harshest, which is the Outback and keep showering in comfort and luxury.

With a length of 6.4m. Built with sturdy chasing on the outside and luxurious interior. Consists of a comfortable bed, dining room, bunk beds. kitchen with electric stove, microwave, grill, kitchen sink with faucet for drinking water, and 2-door fridge. Bathroom, washing machine. Avida Rock can accommodate up to 7 people with 5 adults.

With a standard 300 watt solar system, water heater, AC, LED lights throughout the room, Bluetooth stereo system with outdoor speakers and TV with DVD player, two water tanks 120 L and 125 L.

Avida Rock is offered with USD 62,775 with a 3-year factory warranty, 5-year structural guarantee, two-year 24/7 roadside assistance program.




Hunter: @dwiitavita


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Great hunt mate! I really like renewable energy powered products like this. Ideal for holidays and good on budget, plus great for environment.

Great hunt @dwiitavita!

A great caravan to have while traveling, and being "smart" makes everything more enjoyable.

I have approved it :)

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All the electronic devices inside the caravan work with solar energy, which benefits everyone, both the environment and the pocket of the person who buys the carabana. With such a large space, you could have a house for trips or vacations.

Wow keren mb😄


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