PROGRAM A BOT - Your First Programmable humanoid robot

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Your First Programmable humanoid robot



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Hunter's comment

Hi All.
My today's search is a programmable robot for our kids. It playing with your kids a kick the balls. Its lighting eyes looks more beaitiful. Kids very easily learning programing. Programing learning is very important for our kids future. It has awesome sound effects and eye light effect while walking.


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This toy is attractive in that it is a programmable robot. I want to buy one and give it to my nephew as a present.

Great hunt @djbravo! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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just give the kid a book to learn programming and ask him to learn how to make friends and go play with them.

what balls is the robot kicking? sounds dodgy

It playing with your kids a kick the balls.

INTERESTING! Kids have to learn to program at an early age if they want to get involved in future development. Today's parents also love to buy such STEM gadgets for their kids.

Nice Hunting!

It's not too complex and it's not too simple. It is actually a great place to start if you ant to try out programming robots. There are 6 programmable actions and te robot comes with a nice set of sensors. The best part is the ability to communicate with another Program-A-Bot which can me extra fun.

Im not kid anymore but I'd love to have this one :D This could be another interesting way to learn in programming.

Kids love to play as it provides source of entertainment and fun. What is more amazing if they learn about robotics and programming without compromising the fun and entertainment. PROGRAM A BOT is a good solution to keep kids interested in programming as a result we will produce great programmers and developers in future

This is incredible invention and truly is a step forward to make learning robotics more efficient. It can be extremely beneficial both for adults and kids. I really like this robot cause it provides a learning opportunity for kids & it can also be used to teach robotics to kids in addition it comes with wide range to sensors which makes it more useful. Awesome Search

Programmable humanoid robot is nice concept to go for. Kids are definitely fortunate to have such cool tech innovations and this will help them to learn great thing in childhood. impressive hunt.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best robot for our kids. Robots helps many fields of our life. Kids really like to playing with robots. Now robots helps our kids in learning. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing

Good to see there are several things in place for our kids. I came a across a playing bot earlier, now a programming bot? The next generation would definitely be brighter. Good tech! Expensive, but it's worth it.

Learning programming is not that much easy for kids but this looks a perfect technology to teach them easily. The humanoid robot is good to develop intrust in kids.

Humanoid robot though programming.. really. I used to think that this is something that requires scientists knowledge but this hunt changed my thought.

awesome hunt

Humanoid robots are provide way to learn robotics and its related terms. It is useful for kids entertainment and also for robotic class students.

Great hunt. With this robot children can learn easily about coding and robotics. Fun and learning at the same time. This way of teaching is the best way to teach little minds.
This can go a long way in children's future development.

@djbravo, what a cool hunt. As an educator, I support these programs as it helps children to learn interactively in learning programming. Children need to have fun to learn and in their play, they learn a lot faster than following books. Great to know that there are sound effects when the bot walks. Great hunt.

This is a really good quality bot for learning how to program in the robotics field. It's easy for kids to learn with and is a lot of fun to play around with. Great hunt :))

Wow it is an great invention and its features, its design looks pretty cool from this robot our kids can learn something new while playing and enjoying with them. Thank you for sharing with as.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

It could be a great gift for kids to play and learn from it. They will be more curious to find new things and explore.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Looks like an amazing robot for kids to learn programming in their early age, The shape of the robot is beautiful and attractive. Kids would love it.

This is something different, the idea behind this looking great . If this working we have a great product in front of us . Great job hunter .

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With 36 programmable actions, PROGRAM A BOT could get kids interested in the rudiments of robotics. I wonder whether it’s actions are human enough, for kids, though. @djbravo