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Hi All.
My today's search is very interesting fighting game. Fighting games very popular in the world. Enimies attack to peoples and kill him. You can fighting to the enimies and save the humans from thiefs. You can fighting to enimies with your friends.


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Hi @djbravo, could you please fix the Product Title, it looks like it got cut off? It messes up the Steemhunt search function. Please use the edit function to fix this. Thanks!

Updated sir. @unbangladiator review it again.

Ah, I think that might be more confusing... what about "NI NO KUNI II"

Hi @djbravo - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 5. Quality of the Post

Hunt title is confusing.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.