CHINOOK - 100% autonomous solar air heater

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100% autonomous solar air heater


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CHINOOK is a solar air heater that uses a combination of solar thermal and photovoltaic sources to heat up your home's interior (up to 1000 square feet). It's designed and produced by the Quebec solar power company Eco Solaris.

How it works?

The Chinook draws the cool air in while the heat panel absorbs heat from the sun which in turn heats up the air circulating through the panel.

The photovoltaic solar panel produces electricity to power the fans inside the unit to blow the hot air into whatever space you want it to heat. It can heat up to 30 degrees Celcius.

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Hunter: @direwolf

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  • 2 sq meter of size solar panel, which produces 1.5 KW power.
  • Low noise fan with highly efficient turbine.
  • Total weight of both. solar panel and fan, is 35 Kg.
  • 5 years Solar panel and 1 year fan warranty.


  • None.


Hello hunter friend, great product that you present to us today, it is really useful, minimalist and safe to install, it is not denoted that the installation is complex.
It must be very good in cold areas to have this product.
In my case, I would need something in the opposite to this one. That gives me cold Please..!
I live in an area where it's too hot...
But, I have a curiosity: what is the price?
Apart from that, I love: useful and novel..!

Now I can only say: Congratulations and continue:

Providing the best of your search to: @Steemhunt...!

It does not Snow in my side of the world, but this will come in Handy during the Harmattan Season.

It gets terribly cold especially during December.

It is amazing that we are finding more use cases for Solar power.

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Amazing hunt @direwolf,

Here in Brazil I think we don't need the product, however people who live in places colder, that is an amazing product.


Help people who live in cold places warm their homes without any fossel fuel solutions.
It's eco-friendly and, as I see it, easy to install and good for small places.


I did't see the price of that, but maybe will be a little expensive.

Really good hunt. Something like this is a great investment not for just right now, but the future as well. Any sort of renewable energy products get my vote.

  • Great alternative to traditional heating methods
  • can heat up to 1000 square meters
  • Easily attaches to a house/building
  • Made in Canada!! (Yes I'm a little biased)


  • As an alternative to traditional heating I don't see many negatives. The price for the two versions ranges from $1350-1500 and I feel that is reasonable for this type of product. Great find

Solar energy is the future

Really nice watched the video and read it all . Good price but can you get it in Europe

Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my comment for your hunt:


  • Can save a lot of resources
  • Free energy, save money
  • Environmental friendly


  • None

Here is my review for your product:


  • ECO friendly as it make use of free energy
  • Easy to install
  • Save money for electricity


  • Nothing for this product

My comment:
It is a nice product and can protect the environment.

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)

Pros :

  • Not cause any air pollution
  • Good looking
  • Solar panel would be too expensive

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