Retyre - The Next Generation of Tires

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The Next Generation of Tires



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 The Retyre Modular Tire System  is developed by Technium AS, Introducing a new generation of bicycle tires and their new modular tire systems.

Retyre is a special tire cover that you quickly ride on your bike. It has a built-in zipper on top of the rim that allows you to attach another tire skin that best meets your exact needs at any given moment.

Retyre also attaches great importance to the importance of rubber quality, so it is sure to use 90% natural rubber and the purest additives to make the best products.



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Modular tires with integrated zippers, really a great idea, can carry several types of tires that can plug and play to adjust the road field.
It seems that this is still limited to bicycles, maybe in the future developers will make other cool innovations for tires of other vehicles. Cool hunting.

thanks, for commenting.


  • unique and great

  • good quality

  • easy to install


  • none

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