Flycraft Stand-Up-Paddelboard - Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

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Flycraft Stand-Up-Paddelboard

Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board



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The Flycraft Stand-Up-Paddelboard is a Portable, Ultra-light, ultra-stable vertical paddle board designed to get you into the perfect fishing spot for your favorite rivers, creeks, and lakes weighing 25 pounds.
The Flycraft Stand-Up-Paddelboard anchor system prevents you from drifting during fishing and adds three gravity fins that allow you to hydrodynamically cut through the water.




Hunter: @dion66

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Wow dion66 great hunt my friend I wish I had a little lake nearby and use it but dont know if I can use it on sea or ocean ? And other great thing is its price I think 1600 $ for this is pretty cheap.

Really love all these paddelboards or watercraft boats, anything which is electric and works in the waters. Definitely something I would love to have, perfect to hang out with friends and go fishing each with their own board.

Good layouting and keep up the cool hunting @dion66


A very comfortable, safe, practical oar, ideal to carry in the car, to dress up a day of fishing or a walk in the open air for the river, its mechanism allows a fluid handling, it is great 😉




Oh! Great hunt, friend! Excelent design and very practical. Ideal for vacations!

Good design for this product, it is very cool to look at, I want to say that I really enjoy the atmosphere of fishing for my fish using the product. thank you for your hunt.

a great design for a paddling board and it is quite stable too. this is another cool hunt for outdoor activity. cheers


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