Beam Wallet - Pay with your Phone, earn rewards

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Beam Wallet

Pay with your Phone, earn rewards



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Cash payments are becoming increasingly rare. Currently, the trend is towards card payment. Beam Wallet wants to change that and breaks new ground to bring retail and customers to mobile payments.
However, mobile payment can hold its own in the long run because of its advantages through cost minimization and increased efficiency.
Beam has a distinct advantage over competing platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay, as they rely on card terminals or POSs.
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Hunter: @dion66

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Hi @dion66, great findings! Beam Wallet is a leading wallet application that makes payments and presents easily, all at your fingertips, even when you are anywhere.
Btw, thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Another way of ensuring that societies embrace cashless policies and transact without fear of carry huge cash. This awesome!

Payment with you mobile will make our life easy. Almost everything is digital and our phone has capacity for it so we will use it almost for everything. Getting rewards for payments will improve the usage.

Despite it's infancy, this is a very promising project.
I like the ease when using it and the fact that you earn some rewards for using it.
Great hunt @dion66


there are a lot of mobile payment apps out there but we need to keep improving mobile payment for easier transaction and security wise and for the rewards I think is a great plus to the app.

I like the idea of mobile payments because we have our mobile always with us and I think its the only thing that we don't forget. Changing the payment method is not easy so getting rewards can make it more interesting.

This is a cool App.
Beam Wallet has finally come to bridge the stress in payment between the retailers and customers thereby making business transactions easier.

Nice hunt.

Beam Wallet would be great way to minimize cost and increase efficiency. Thanks for sharing.

The system that used is almost they same as credit cards. If you use your credit card you earn point that you can spend as cash later. Now they did it with todays technology so you can pay with your app. Nice idea

We will have a certain time in the future and we will make all payments without cash. It's an application you can miss out on the phone. If you are bored with coins, you should examine this practice.

Hello @dion66, this application looks very good, possibility of making payments without so much protocol and obtain profits for this. It also has a very nice interface. I will try to prove it.

Great hunting friend, Greetings!

Paying with the phone and earning rewards sound great. Sure it worths to try. Thanks for sharing.

This project would be a solution to many problems that we are living here in Venezuela, with the plastic of the cards, it is a little difficult to obtain one since the material is not available to elaborate it.

Using the smartphones while paying is a good solution to have less cards or cash. Getting rewards for it is nice thing and it can motivate you to use it often. I like the idea and hope to see more usage area of it.

Hey, @dion66 you foudn smart and cool solution for paymetns easy to use and available for both IOS and Android users overall great hunt

Paying with your phone is something that we need to be used with. An application that makes payments and you will earn rewards for it. Good idea and we need to try it. Thanks

The influence of contactless payments is increasing. Research projects recently show that contactless payments will be worth more than $ 1 billion in 2018. Good Hunting!

This app is very useful and economical friendly. I can simply get rewards by making payment with phones. Good hunt.

Beam Wallet users, thanks to this collaboration with MasterPass by MasterCard, can now enjoy shopping online at over 250,000 global locations.

This is a great Application meant to make the buyers and sellers enjoy convenient transactions without stress.

I love this and i love the positive reviews.

Yea. These apps and innovative ideas are so amazing.
Here in our country now you can buy groceries through app. But Beam Wallet is on another level. Its so amazing!
Great hunt!

If you think of it. Most people when approaching cashier have wallet in one hand and phone in another.
Im eagerly waiting for the time when both will be combined.

Awesome Hunt! With beam wallet we can make payment easy with your phone


Awesome Hunt! With beam
Wallet we can make payment
Easy with your phone

                 - moeenali

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey, @dion66 you found smart and cool solution for payments easy to use and available for both IOS and Android users overall great hunt

Dion sir! Beam wallet is a amazing app to pay or money transfer in your country. in case of my country there is other kinds of apps used for payment..This types app make easy to money transfer our payment or bill payment,etc.

Hello @dion66,

That's really Cool Hunt

Here is my opinion-


  • Fast & Safe
  • Easy to Use
  • Full Control over the wallet
  • A smart way to do payment


  • Not found

Thank YOu ;-)

Pay with your phone, win prizes. The idea is beautiful and applicable. retailers and customers want to move it to mobile payments and create a new ground. Cool hunt.

Thanks for this great discovery.
Am reading about Beam Wallet here for the first time and I noticed that Beam Wallet is one of the leading payment App that is secure and easy to use.

Hi @dion66,your post on mobile payments is nice and easy way of payment.This is a futurisyica and digital way of keeping a wallet and paying bills.

It's really amazing and efficient way of getting things paid. It is simple, safe and smart hunt.It's very easy pay with your phone. Anywhere, Every time Eearn and redeem rewards.


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