Backblaze B2 Storage - $0.005 per GB per month of high performance online storage

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Backblaze B2 Storage

$0.005 per GB per month of high performance online storage


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Hunter's comment

By far the cheapest, most reliable storage system I've ever seen. $0.005 (1/2 cent) per GB per month, and the first 10 gigs are free. Looking for a place to storage your public images - indefinitely? Here's a great place to go. Looking for a private place to store your encrypted backups? This is it.

You might have heard about Backblaze Online, with unlimited backups for $5 a month. This is the same legendary storage company that does annual hard disk reliability surveys and open sourced their Backblaze Storage Pod design. Backblaze B2 is the ultimate in online storage. I use it myself.



Hunter: @digitalfirehose

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Pros :

  • We can store any kind of file
  • Cost per GB is less & yes price is cheaper
  • It will provide good security
  • For free 10gb is giving
    Cons :
    No cons

Great hunt bro

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i've used backblaze before for some storage really good actually and you can get some decent apps that work just like ftp to send stuff to the little containers - very much like amazon.


Thank you for your acknowledgement. I really appreciate it!


  • Offer 10 GB of storage
  • Interfas easy to use, just drag and drop the files to start the upload of these.
  • You can store any file
  • Offers great protection for files
  • Pay only for what you are going to use
  • Very low prices


  • It is a very good service, there is no against

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