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Phantom 8

Great design talks - Advance Your Beauty



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a true beauty full of technology at an excellent price has arrived, I present the new Phantom 8 of Tecno movile, a smart phone with 6 GB of ram, with dual back camera of 12MP + 13MP you can become a master in taking pictures.

its beautiful design and attractive fantasy of fire of diamond make it a real jewel, with two cameras and sony angular sensor, 10x zoom and ultra pixel, double mode selfie flash, you will have beautiful photos in the day and night, all this is worthy to try it, with 80 pre-installed applications, I know you'll like it.



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How much is the price for this smartphone? A flahship one with so many features and it can take up to 80 multiple apps at the same time without experiencing lags and delay. This smartphone covers the feature of reverse charging where you can charge another phone that is like a powerbank with at ease.

Beautiful cell phones attract me too much.this is a beautiful designed technology.very innovative having many MP quality is low.which is only the bad side of it.

My younger brother is using Tecno mobile phone and seeing this new one make me feel to have one. The features also looks very promising.

I like this application. For getting good and more beautiful design that's perfect to use.

That's a beautiful phone with a beautiful design 100%.

What I don't really like is the dual cameras 12 & 13 MP is pretty low for these days. The new samsung phones are over 30 MP already!

A cellphone that is very suitable for a photographer, because it has a dual camera measuring 12 Megapixel s cellphone that is perfect for a photographer, because it has a dual camera measuring 12 megapixels and 13 megapixels, this is a pretty large amount for a dual camera on a smartphone. Unmatched luxury can also attract all groups to buy it...


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