Acebusters - First decentralized and fair poker platform-earn ethereum

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First decentralized and fair poker platform-earn ethereum



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Hunter's comment

Acebusters is a decentralized DAPP application that works in rel time for all poker lovers. in it you can play poker, it is free and free, totally decentralized and allows players to create the largest pool of ethereum where the security in the bets offers the solidity of the blockchain.

Come in and have fun, play safe and enjoy the new that has to offer the blockchain for you.

This platform offers security of funds like no other has done before, plus an economy atonoma and total security and privacy accompanied by the game you like poker.

It also gives you the option to earn more money just by inviting your friends, for each player you take to the platform you will also be winning, do not wait any longer, try it now.



Hunter: @difelice5000

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Wow, I love the way this platform is developed since being totally decentralized will allow a more transparent view of the transactions made in the game. Without forgetting that it is based on one of the most popular and exciting games, poker. I really like the game itself because it is very well implemented.

Nice hunt


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Lately I have witnessed many games that are coming out dedicated to the chain of blocks of Ethereum, I am enjoying this type of games, although I am not fond of poker, surely I would make some games to try it, thanks for sharing your hunting, greetings ..

Great, I'll have to try it, I like poker and if you can play for free it's better.

I don't like poker but Acebusters may be a great Ethereum based platform for poker players. Great hunt.


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