Spinning Disc Step Sequencer - DIY Play Drum with this 16-step Disc Sequencer

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Spinning Disc Step Sequencer

DIY Play Drum with this 16-step Disc Sequencer



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With this DIY guide, you build a 16-step disc sequencer made from CircuitPython on Feather M4 Express and Crickit. The steps marked on the disc, which has four tracks of different sounds, are read by reflection sensors. The Disc Step Sequencer is a nice project to shoot a few Beats!

You’ll use a continuous rotation servo to spin the disc plus the capacitive touch pads provide tempo controls to increase or decrease the BPM (beats per minute) of your player. CircuitPython code running on the Feather M4 handles all of the coordination of the elements, and audio mixer playback duties as well.




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Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

The sound quality of this device is truly amazing and this is a unique Sequencer that make music more happening.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)


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