Rover Robot - Clever robot toy rolls with solar power or battery

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Rover Robot

Clever robot toy rolls with solar power or battery



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Children from the age of 5 years can make their first experiences with robotics and solar energy with this kit. The kit contains all model and motor components needed to build the robot. When the robot is finished, children will get to know the power of the sun as the robot will move without batteries. The rover can be powered by its solar cells when the sun is shining and by a battery on cloudy days. Green Science is a brand of the company 4M and develops educational, imaginative and creative toys.


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Playing with a robot toy isn't experiencing robotics. Just like playing with a battery powered car toy isn't experiencing mechanical engineering and design. Also, I think a solar powered casio watch has been informing kids about the wonders of solar energy and power of the sun for years now.

This is a toy for 5 year olds, putting together a solar cell and electric powered motor isn't cool innovative tech, imo.

Nice hunt @depot69! If I have a little kid I would buy them this as a gift because it looks really cool and it could help them learn about solar energy. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

WOW! It's a complete package which is not only fun and learning for kids but it runs on solar energy as well. Kids would love to play with this toy rolls because it's fascinating for all.

Nice Hunting!

Robotics and solar technology coming together is cool for kids to grasp the fundamentals at the early stages. Nowadays kids are damn so lucky to be existing in this era. Cool

For children this is super robotic toy. While playing kids will enjoy and learn with. I like this toy. If I play with it I must say I can get cool experience.

I really like this little gem coz it's powered by clean & green sunlight pretty cool. I think it's nice way to introduce robotics to kids with easier to handle parts in addition this robot definitely help kids to enhance their creativity. Awesome Search

Solar powered robot and components motors that uses for the rotation are quite small but has much to move it easily. Highlights the issue are useful for kids to understand the robotic termenologies in little robot.

This is such a nice robot! Kids can learn different things at a time like- how it works, how solar works and the assembling. I really love the solar feature coz battery-powered toys need to replace the battery in a few days and those costs much.
Nice find!

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

It could be a great gift for kids and I am quite sure they gonna play it and we think even more or explore things. So, it is getting energy from sun or eating. The solar panel is very small however it is a great toy.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Children from over 5 like it. Because it contains which the kids love to llay. It also an educational kit. Which can be use for educational learning for childrens.

Wao...Some day my friend you are gonna tell me, where you find these cool robots to hunt.

The best part is that these robots run on solar power. Not that It has a significant impact on greenhouse emission but it is a great way to imbed conservational green thinking in children's mind.

It is really interesting for 5 year old kids. Rover robot has solar power battery system. Each part of robot separated but when you join all part it ready to start. Kids also know about the power of sun through solar system. Nice hunt

the clever robot is useful for maintaining a programme with the ability of solar power energy. Peoples will love to learn about it by playing with robot technology.


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Clearly the hunt of the day and for me one of the best of this year , technology runs and runs really fast , I am pretty sure that product like this will be the future. Great job my friend.

Rover robot looks very creative robot the price would be to high i think ??

i love this rover robot, its using a solar energy which is a renewable energy. The kids would love it especially since it uses a solar energy. No waste of energy

This little robot is just awesome, it has so many great functions, it's easy to learn and it uses solar wow. Great hunt

It's amazing hunt for children. Children are like and enjoy with this product. I really like it very much because its easier way to stay busy your children with a fun and interesting robot. It's really fun. Thanks for the guidelines and sharing this great hunt

This robot looks cool and the best part whichI liked about is that it runs on solar power. Its a wow hunt.

A nice educational robot that may use as educative device. Look small and imlressive features. Grat hunt

Nice and cool rover robot that runs on battery and solar. 5 year old kid can learn from this and my kid is also 5 year old so this is a nice option for him. Awesome find

Great hunt! The Robotic technology is increasing day by day and facilitating us in every field of like and serving different task but now it comes in a different way to interact with children and increase their creativity by providing robotic toys etc nice hunt

@depot69, cool hunt. As an educator, I support these robot educational material, particularly for kids so that they can learn in an interactive way and have fun in the process of learning. How much fun to be able to make their first robotic structure and follow the kit to learn about the power of solar energy without the need of batteries. Must get. Great hunt.


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Robotics + solar, with a battery option is an engaging way to engage kids with the tech. @depot69
Interesting Hunt!