ROBOTIS STEM Level 1 - Students learn the principles of STEM

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Students learn the principles of STEM



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The Robotis STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Level 1 was developed especially for high school as an introductory kit for robotics. With the kit for 7 robot models, you get full-color workbooks and detailed assembly instructions.

The workbook sections:
•Basic Phase: Students learn the scientific and technological principles behind the robot they are about to build.
•Application Phase: Students learn the principles of robot coding and the mathematics of programming.
•Practical Phase: Students apply their knowledge to creatively solve advanced problems and configure their robots for competitions.


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STEM learning is one of the effective ways to learn anything for students. This robot is amazing. Students can have the basics about how to assemble things. Nice find!

Students need such advanced to learn more precisely and accurately. Eve the educational institutions should make sure this for their student. Nice Hunting!

STEM is a big source of learning which allows to learn robotics features.

I think it's like LEGO, but there is an electric element in it.

You've seriously got a ting for Hunting robots @depot69 As usual I love this Hunt and voted 100% Having 7 different versions of the bot focusing on 7 different aspects is a great thing. It's an efficient usage of the technology. There are so many parts for the bot. But there are detailed manuals to help you with all that. There is even a software to program the bot to do what you like in creative ways. Awesome stuff :)

Quite interesting use of Lego to make a robot. NIce way for students to learn.

This can prove to be an invaluable tool in teaching students about seem principals. Especially children can benifit a lot from this.
So much intriguing!!!

This is quite useful for students learning stem. By helping this robots they can learn easily coding. It will help then indirectly.

Interesting find. Ipersonally like this type of unique lego robot. Learning robots solve big problem of peresnts. Robots very easily helps and learn our kids in every subjevts. Coding learning is very important for our kids future. Its looks very wonderful. Fabulous hunt.

this should also be in the list of #stem post you should have added stem in tags you could earn alot tokens from it 😍 i dont know whether it will automatically included in that or not but still its perfect thing for steemstem ...!

I wosh i could Tag some moderators of steem stem for you but i Don't know anyone on stem but heard about it that they requires scoence related products

steemhunt posts are not allowed on stem. I have clarified that with a stem moderator.

Thats Sad :(

This is a really nice robot made out of lego for some reason, hmm intersting

Woop a nice hunt for a high school students who are intrested in robotics and as it will teach you from the scratch to some really good amount of work.

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so good gret job


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Like the way ROBOTIS STEM Level 1 progresses from thinking about a problem to solving the problem. This is serious; but, fun way to encourage STEM students, especially in the robotics field.
Interesting Hunt. @depot69