Bump and Spin Buggy Kit - Quickstart Buggy Kit for Robot Programming

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Bump and Spin Buggy Kit

Quickstart Buggy Kit for Robot Programming



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The Bump and Spin Buggy kit was developed to quickly realize a robotics project with the programmable PICAXE 08M2 chip. The buggy is quick and easy to assemble so you can concentrate on the electronics and programming. During operation it is able to detect impassable surfaces and then avoid these obstacles by Pump and Spin.

Buggy 'spins' and turns around when hitting an object.
'Bump' detection input on live bumper.
Drives Two motors, with full direction control.
Easily accessible on/off switch.
1.5 Amp drive per motor.




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It's a two-wheeled toy that looks interesting. I think boys in particular will like this.

so if i want to programme robots so i must have this? yes i have electronics subject and after seeing all those circuits i remembering those bad days lol

Today's kids are so fotunate that they have reach of high end technology and this one is great one which will make kids learn and become creative. cool hunt

This robotic can make you able to learn more by assembling. It looks like super easy to use to learn more programmatic skills. Nice Hunting!

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Amazed to see the technology and facility available to kids to learn the skill of robotics, electronics and programming at early age without compromising fun and entertainment. It will help to develop more creativity in kids. Nice hunt

  ·  25 days ago (edited)

Robot Programming could teach indirectly all process that builds. A fun way of entertainment help them out easily. This programming is very helpful for improving creativity.

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Nice and cool product that helps to learn while playing. I always enjoy going through such hunt. Nice find @depot69

This looks like a fun robotics kit. I'm sure with this both kids and adults will enjoy learning about robotics. To me it looks surprisingly easy to use for those unfamiliar with micro controllers, programming or electronics in addition the kit is affordable, flexible & worthwhile. Excellent Search

This kit can help a lot in learning about to electronics, robotics and coding. Nice way to teach students the basics.
Awesome hunt.

Awesome Hunt!
I have seen you always bring interesting toys and gadgets for kids that will help them to learn new things and explore as well. Loved it...
Robot is really a good deal and kids gonna love this.

Learning about programming while you are playing something like this is so simple and interesting.this can increase the interest of anyone in programming.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I always prefer these type of products for our kids. Programming learning is very very important for our kids future. Robitic helps our kids to learning also coding. Kindely tell us the price of this unique product.?? Thanks for sharing us.

For me programming of robot is very difficult, once i have tried but i failed. Hopefully this method is easy and simple that we can learn how to do it. Nice hunt.

The Bump And Spin Buggy is basically another robot building kit for anybody interesting in robot set-up and programming whats interesting about this kit is it brings 'bump' detection input and also spins when hitting an object making the robot face the other direction, there are also not one but two motors with full direction control.

I think its just a kit not a product should moderator approve it ? i am surprised these type of technical kit once rejected by moderator

lmao, its the luck of the draw


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Learning for kids as well as for younger.
  • Detect obstacles itself.
  • Awesome design.


  • non.

Your mostly hunt is on robot programming that's really much helpful to learn basic programming those are interested. This one is also very useful for doing this activity for kids.

i love robots especially this one would be blessing for my nephew hahah he will catch it out ohh i forgot about my cat he would love it too 🐈

I beleive that this can also be modified to make walking stick for visually impaired people. It can easily detect obstacle and turned back.

I will try this in my coming semester mini project, we have mini projects in each subject, so I will try this in electronics project.
Thanks for sharing with us.

This is a really neat bot! love it, i wish i could buy one



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