103 EX Rolls-Royce - The world amazing self driving Car

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103 EX Rolls-Royce

The world amazing self driving Car



Hunter's comment

Hello, I am going to Introduce the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100. It is the world’s leading luxury brand, The Vision 360 CGI experience immerses the viewer in a journey from Goodwood. The chassis of this extravagance auto is a hand-manufactured, and it is produced using the most sumptuous, progressed, and most costly materials. Just look out the pictures of this car here below.




Hunter: @deong


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It looks very expensive, but its design looks unique. And the inside of the car looks very spacious and comfortable and luxurious. When I become rich, I want to buy a car like that and ride it.

Super hunt @deong

Look at the design, WOW, this is really the car of the future. Besides that, I'm sure the technology inside is also very sophisticated.

But, in what year can this car be officially released? I am sure I also cannot afford to buy it. LOL

Futuristic design, futuristic features, it looks amazing. I like the way the doors and roof open.

the world-renowned brand Rolls-Royce brings us its new project 103 EX Rolls-Royce handmade as in all its impeccable cars

Pros and Cons
-Looks futuristic, just like vehicles in sci-fi

-can this even go pass a speed bump or and sloped road?
-Super expensive

Please change the name to 103-EX or what it's called so that it has the right name vs just a brand name.


@playitforward I have made changes

For a Moment I thought you were talking about the Original Rolls Royce, This though, is not a tad too bad. I am definitely feeling its vibes. Hand Manufactured? Damn, that Must Cost a lot of Dimes! Great Hunt Hunter!

This Royce looks epic. I'm not sure If I like the wheel covers they way they are displayed in the concept video but everything else looks unreal. If steem ever amounts to something, This is on my list of things I want, but don't need

awesome hunt

self driving car technology is improving day b day and this hunt is on the apex of technology which self driving car's possess .

best wishes

This is like the coolest rolls royce i ever seen, wonder if they still have the signature rolls royce umbrella thing. thank you very much for your hunt~

Wow, this looks like a car from the future! Amazing design!



It has an incredible design. I know the brand. An institution that addresses the luxury segment. It has become even more valuable with handmade pieces. A great tool with advanced technology features. The price can be very high. I did not investigate the price but I liked the vehicle.

Ummm Yess, yessss and YESSSSSSSSSS. The only problem I see with this futuristic car is that my bank account doesn't have that many zeros attached to it. Have they started producing these babies or are they still just in concept mode?

It is so good to have a new vehicle from Rolls Royce, though it is special, but in my mind, the design is too hype, it is too sci-fi. But totally, its cool !

Absolutely Stunning 🙆 For a moment, I was thinking how it would feel to experience a drive in this. Though, it would be very costly, and only a few rich can afford it, this shows there is no limit to engineering.

That is the world amazing self driving Car. The design of 103 EX Rolls-Royce is modest is great. Even self driving car is need. It is the world’s leading luxury brand.
Great hunt

shows us an impressive design full of comfort and luxury evoking the futuristic trend, I love this look that has, between sober and technological, a perfect combination of luxury and technology in this wonderful design. excellent hunting friend.

These are the cars of the future, the design is fantastic and the best thing is that it is autonomous. I hope they are economical, because that way I can buy one.


LOl. It is only for millionaires and billionaires. If you are then you will definately buy it.

Unbelievable... This really amazing and unique car.
Wooww... It's like we live at the future in 2050 maybe.

Awesome Hunt 😍😍

A cool and amazing self driving car.
I wonder if this car has some protection like rocket launcher protection, fireproof, etc or not.

@deong, wow a self driving car. I would have never thought something like this is possible. Sure would like to try this out to see how it feels. Cool hunt.

I like how the roof opens along with the door to get in. The sitting area is like the private lounge seating in Auditoriums. "Sweet!"

Rolls-Royce always making some amazing cars, I like this self driving car

The style of this car is UNIQUE. The speed of this car is very fast. I want to drive this car with my friend. Thank you for sharing this cool hunt.

Wao. It is really stunning, It just captured my heart. Now i long to get this one in future,

Cool, but it looks like an expensive coffin.


yes, it is very expensive.

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I'm already tripping for the design. It's just too classic

now this is unbelievable
is this actually out or a concept?


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THANKS ,,,,,,!

i will believe it when i see it