T4 Transforming Solar Kit - Kit for children of solar powered robots

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T4 Transforming Solar Kit

Kit for children of solar powered robots



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With this robot kit your children can build four different mobile models. The solar module makes it possible, just by solar energy the robots can move independently without the use of batteries. The kit is suitable for children from 8 years.

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This is a green robot toy. I think young boys will like this kind of toy. I think it's good because it doesn't use a battery because it moves in the sun.

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I have 2 questions, when did solar power robots start having kids? And is it ok for kids up to 60?

hahah up to 60 and kids lol your sense of humour🤣😂

Just trying to add some fun :)

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Dang kids would really love to build with different robot then suddenly move with solar energy and kids will just shock why is it moving :joy:

I am sure it has some mechanism by which you have to press a button to make it move. It won't just keep moving just because it's solar powered.

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Looks amazing and something that kids will generally love. Having fun while learning is now the new cool for kids. Awesome hunt

Nice way to give kids early awareness about the usage of solar energy and robotics. It will help to develop creativity in kids as a result we will produce great engineers and developers. Even the adult and old can learn a lot from amazing kit

I really like this little gem coz it's powered by clean & green sunlight so no batteries are ever needed pretty cool. I think it's nice way to introduce robotics to kids with larger and easier to handle parts in addition child can build and rebuild four different models one at a time impressive. Awesome Search

Wow, toys are getting so awesome! First it was solar, then it was robotics, then it is solar robotics, now its *Transforming Solar Robots! SO COOL.. I love gadgets like this for kids. What will they think of next? Great hunt! :0)

That's really a kind of transformer which we can transform into so many things and it's really so amazing as it can be transformation into so many things.

This is a good helping tool to enhance the mind of children.these kind of toys are impressive because they just not bright their mind infact increase their intellectual skills.

This T4 Transforming Solar Kit is not just a transformer toy it looks very interesting to me I think most of the kid's love this, especially for those kids, love robots I really like how the robot transform by itself nice hunt.

Awesome hUnt!
It will be great gift for kids that help them to play with it and as well be curious to know about sustainable energy as it is Solar powered. They will think how it runs as result they will explore things. BTW I don't have baby right now but whenever I will have I would love to gift her. :laughing:
Than You and Have a GooD DAY!

Great Hunt! Kids love to play with toys but most toys have to need disposable batteries which can be discharged after some time but this robotic toys powered by solar will be the best solution for kids to play with these toys for long time

It's good for kids to start learning at a young age. Will love to get something this for little nephew who has been showing a great interest in technology. Lovely product

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Wow it's sounds so cool solar kit. By this kit our child gets option to easily transform between one of four different modes. It will be the good start for our upcoming generation. Great hunt @deepcora.

This robotic kit can prove invaluable in teaching kids about robotics and intriguing them in the use of renewable solar power. So much interactive and fun to learn.
Awesome hunt 👍👍👍

Items such as these not only give our kids flashy fun with a new toy but they also teach our children that things work in many ways. Such as teaching a child gardening and showing them that their food doesn't come from fast food chains or grocery stores if they so choose......... nice one!

Nowadays kids have different advanced tours and robots also. But what makes it different is kids can remake it. They can learn how the things work and how to set up them.
Nice find!

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