World War 3 - A new multiplayer FPS game

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World War 3

A new multiplayer FPS game



Hunter's comment

This game is a multiplayer FPS game, so you need to work together with your team to achieve victory.

The battlefield is on the streets of Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw.

Because this is a world war 3 game, you can use and customize many different weapons and vehicles.

This is the official trailer :

This game will be released soon for PC(Steam).

All images from :



Hunter: @deathcloud

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Great war game. I love this type of game a lot and enjoy to play them. This one has a good story and graphics are amazing. I am waiting for it to release for PC version. Thanks for sharing it

I watched the trailer and it is really impressing, and it will be quite interesting for me to play it in Berlin, the city I visited before. Perfect hunt.

In depth with some great graphics! I like the complexity and all the choices involved. I wonder if the controller movements will be the same as previous shooter and war games? I def. give it a trial run to see what its all about!

weapons, vehicles, multiplayer mode.this is a world keep in a war 😣


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