World of Demons - A new free to play action game

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World of Demons

A new free to play action game



Hunter's comment

The setting of this game is in medieval japan.

Oni have control over the human world and only a samurai stand a chance against them.

The gameplay is full action, so you can attack your enemies with your sword, use finisher moves, parry against enemy attacks, evade enemy attacks.

There are 3 modes in this game : story mode('s story), arena mode(PVP), samurai stronghold mode(play together with other players to defeat a strong boss).

You can upgrade your character status, weapons, skills to become more stronger. You can obtain and train monster too to help you in battle.

This is the gameplay trailer :

This game will be released soon for android and IOS devices.

All images from :



Hunter: @deathcloud

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Cool Game for Adventure Fans

World of Demons is an adventure game that takes Japanese folklore as its theme. Players get the chance to take on the role of a Samurai and there are plenty of mythical Japanese demons to fight as well as other elements that fit the theme well.


Stunning Japanese style graphics
Well developed storyline


Only available on mobile platforms
combat style can be tricky to master

I love this game, this game graphic reminds me to okami in nintendo wii. it has japanese painting style for the graphic. the sound quality is awesome too. anyway nice hunt bro

This game is so lovely. I love it because weapons skills, characters status can be upgraded which will help to maintain more powerful in attacking.

Wish you all the best in your next hunt