Warframe - Third person sci-fi online action game

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Third person sci-fi online action game



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This game is one of the most popular free to play game on steam.

The story of this game is about tenno(your character) that survived from an old war and need to keep fighting against grineer(a faction).

You can use many different frames in this game. Frames = job in other online games. Every frame has unique abilities, so you can try many different frames that suit your style.

There are many weapons available for you to use in this game and you can have pets too. Your pets will help you in battle. You will fight enemies on the ground and on the space.

This game is available now on PS4, XBox One, PC(Steam).

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Hunter: @deathcloud


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Great game, but only internet datas. Its not good i think. But animations and seen nice thank you for hunt !

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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