Nascar Heat 3 - A new racing game

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Nascar Heat 3

A new racing game



Hunter's comment

This is a new racing game where you can build your own team and compete in an Extreme Dirt Tour.

There are many modes available in this game : story mode, career mode, online tournaments, Xtreme Dirt Tour, and many more. There are many different cars available to use too.

This is the official trailer :

This game is available now for PS4, XBox One, PC(Steam).

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Hunter: @deathcloud

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You will beat other car racers to win the game. There are varieties of tracks that you can try, lots of modes and tournaments that you can experience in this game. I really love racing games.

The quality of this game is above the avarage. It has great graphics which makes playing it more fun. Racing games are always fun and this one will keep you playing it with its modes. Good game

I love Racing Games but I guess I missed Nascar Heat 1 and Nascar Heat 2, sure I will play Nascar Heat 3.

I like the race games and this one seems really good. Graphics are awesome. There are enough modes to play so you will keep playing it. Thanks for sharing this game and good luck

In my youth years, I played low versions of this game. The graphics were worse, but I enjoyed it very much. Now the tools and the game have been much better. Maybe after a week I can try this game.

Games such as this are often helpful in learning the necessary skills needed to drive a car. I really do like car race games. I think this hunt is helpful! Thanks!

My love for racing game is pretty much, I think I should have this so as tonkeep myself busy all days and enjoy the cool features most especially the online tournament

Nice one👍

  • Nascar Heat 3 is new racing game which allows you to build your team.
  • it has quality and nice graphics
  • its good to pass time
  • i n Nascar Heat 3 you can also switch to different mode like career mode tournament mode e.t.c.

@deathcloud keep it up with good Hunts💞💞

This game takes the realism to another level with graphics that touch a photographic level to be so well designed and developed that they make you feel as if you were really inside the car driving it. I really like that this game offers several types of gameplay and different models of cars and races.

Well done.

Do you know why I like raising games. You could better understand driving techniques and other necessary strategies in races. Thanks!

Interesting racing game with excellent graphics based on the Nascar, looks very appetizing to play with friends and hang out. Good Hunt, bro.

Nascar name can be very popular in a big race. There are many options such as story mode, career mode, online tournaments. You can play the game by choosing from many different model vehicles. Nice game.


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