Immortal Unchained - A new action rpg game

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Immortal Unchained

A new action rpg game



Hunter's comment

If you ever play dark soul series, then you will be familiar with this game.

You will play as a living weapon who's trying to stop the source of disaster that could end the worlds.

You can use guns, swords, and many more to obliterate your enemies.

If you don't like dark soul series or you're rage quiter gamers, then I guess this game is not suitable for you because you will die a lot inside this game.

This is the official trailer :

This game will be released on September 7, 2018 for PS4, XBox One, PC(Steam).

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Hunter: @deathcloud

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Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product had great game graphics
  • This product had a nice storyline
  • This product is not boring
  • This product had cool special effects


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

No, I'll not die before stop the source of disaster, cool!... nice graphics with cool gameplay and this game worth it to wait for.
Keep Hunting @deathcloud

It is seen that it is an excellent game, the bad thing is that it will ask for a lot of graphic card to be able to play it in maximum quality and in stable FPS.

I like rpg games, I watched the trailer and Immortal Unchained look like interesting to me. Thanks for sharing.

I have never played Rpg games but the trailer impressed me. I guess I will play it. Thanks for sharing.

It is a dark soul series game that is graphically very good. I studied the video. If we are not fast, we can die many times and start again. An alternative game full of adventure and plenty of time to spend. Nice share

A lot of a nice hunting was very much like your hunting. This game is very fun and has lots of action. In this game I saw this game is very popular thanks to make you a beautiful review of a game

  • A range of unique guns,
  • Armor and special weapons
  • Smart enemies
  • Customize character
    really good game.Great Hunt

Look interesting. Can't wait to get it

I've already taken a liking to the game with what I've seen so far. Unfortunately, I don't have the devices needed to run it. Nevertheless, great hunt


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Hello @deathcloud,you have showed us a new game which is more dangerous and hard as we play in other games.I have played dark soul ,this game is also interesting me.I'll play it very soon.