Zippear - Keeps the headphones you already have, untangled

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Keeps the headphones you already have, untangled






Hunter's comment

OK it's just magnets, don't come for me. But this solves a real tech problem in my opinion, and I'd try these in a heartbeat.

I've often philosophically wondered...

"How many hours of my life have I spent untangling earbuds? Will I look back and think.... I COULD HAVE DONE SO MUCH MORE!!!"

OK, that's dramatic, but untangling earbuds takes my stress level from 0-100 almost immediately. Plus this little guy has a keychain attachment which is perfect to hook to your keys or to a backpack so you always have an organized go-to spot for them.

You can also use the magnets to customize the cord length so it's not a pain when you're running or working which I LOVE.

There are lots of headphones that have anti tangle cords, but what about the heaphones you already have! Especially if you're an iPhone user and have to use the lightning port headphones...




Hunter: @dayleeo

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it's often the simple things that turn out the best.

congrats you are [verfied]


so true! hope this guy does well


  • Cool design
  • Useful tool
  • Customizable cord length


  • None that I can see


  • It is light and small so you won't really notice it
  • They are just magnets but solve a big issue


  • Fair away to achieve the funding target
  • Delivery would be in december


  • Fix a frequent problem, never again our headphones will be entangled.
  • Simple but very useful product.
  • Created from resistant materials


  • Even in fundraising campaign, that is not available in stores


  • It is an innovative way of solving the tangling problem of earphones.
  • It's an add-on kit so you can use the same kit for multiple earphones.
  • It's lightweight.
  • The risk for entaglemet is practically zero.


  • It does not yet support flat or rectangular cord types.
  • It does not yet support double wire cord types.
  • It does not yet support loose spiral cord types.
  • Colors are only black and white

It is very light and inconspicuous
It saves you a lot of time.

Delivery not before December
There are similar products that are already available


  • wonderful
  • It facilitates that annoying moment in which you must untangle the headphones.


  • In my opinion they are perfect.

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