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RE: ​Nikon COOLPIX W100​ - Waterproof camera with good durability

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None Shall Pass!! Unless you’ve followed our posting guidelines, which you have! So go right ahead! Your post has been verified. Thanks Hunter!

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.


Thanks a lot! I'll follow the instructions. Thanks once again.

Hi @dayleeo & @steemhunt team would you please confirm; i have seen few post where SteemHunt voted! When will I start receive the vote from steemhunt!?

only posts ranked within the top 100 for the day will recieve an upvote, and your hunter score must be above 1 to be eligible @mustavi you can learn more by joining us in discord (link above) and following along with @steemhunt 's blog posts -- thanks for hunting!

Well noted & thanks.

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