Patternico - The Seamless In-Browser Pattern Maker (Bye Photoshop!)

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The Seamless In-Browser Pattern Maker (Bye Photoshop!)



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Hunter's comment

I'm sharing this nifty little tool because it helped me make an killer background for one of our new sites! No photoshop, no illustrator required.

;) also emoji mode is super fun...

Pretty much everything you can imagine is customizable and you can even upload your own icons or logos. I kept expecting to run into those sneaky "premium features" that a lot of free web tools have but, nothing! I was in and out in seconds..

My only note is that this was a little buggy using chrome, (maybe an extension I have installed wasn't playing nice?) Swapping to Safari fixed it for me but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Happy making everyone!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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I can't say goodbye to Photoshop, but I will consider Patternico as an alternative, and Patternico is adorable, everything can be done online, there are lots of icons, logos to drag and put, it's easy to use it.
thank you @dayleeo


i wish i could say goodbye every day, still some clients of mine require that I still use it haha :D its a fun too regardless @putrapetir


Patternico Patterns are one of the most used assets in web design. They are an important visual element that can greatly influence a visitor's user experience.

But, as most designers will tell you, creating patterns from scratch can be a time-consuming process, especially if your goal is to create a seamless pattern. Luckily, the web offers plenty of resources to come to your aid and save you time on design projects.

A very good tool that will serve especially to people like me who have no experience using editing software, since the way in which this app helps us to create illustrations is very easy and practical to use. In general a very easy to use platform with a lot of features that will highlight our images.

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Great alternative for photoshop

Easy to use

Amazing features like in built pattern


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