Mikro MM1 - no that’s not a cryptolambo squeezed together!

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Mikro MM1

no that’s not a cryptolambo squeezed together!



Hunter's comment

Or maybe... maybe... it is? 🤔

But an electric one then at least.

A prototype designed by Irish Mikro Automotive and who now even found some coverage on gadget blogs.

Because.... cute electric dinky toy but not a toy.


A real prototype.

And they’re even on Kickstarter.

With their car “for the smartphone generation”. So what we definitely know is... there’s a charger for your phone built in!

Also... 0-60mph in 4 seconds.

They even hope to launch it in 2019.

But, no matter what, with or without phone charger... you will look like you’re driving a squeezed #cryptolambo.




Hunter: @dashroom


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This is an amazing futuristic car and it's nice to see that it comes with build in phone charger which is no doubt need of the modern times. The electric battery surely makes it economical and eco friendly too. Great Hunt

hope i can save enough money after the Ethquake the buy this squeeze ride

This electric car is cool, doesn't look weird, looks small but stylish, 0-60mph in 4 seconds is fast enough, it feels like I want to try it, cool.

I like micro cars such as Mikro MM1. 0-60 mph in 4 seconds is also great. Great hunt.

Well-designed prototype. It's a small car that belongs to an Irish company and will not have a parking problem. Production will begin in 2019. I hope it becomes a successful project. Great hunt.

It is really cute and no more parking problem, you can park it horizontally or vertically hahah. Great hunt.

Great Hunt @dashroom. The size of this car is very small then other cars. I want ot ride this car for taking experience.

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Nice hunt @dashroom. I love electric cars, Im sure ill have one in the near future as it`s the way to go. :-)

Nice concept mini car. Good design and hope it will deliver the specs.
Good hunt


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