Chevrolet Nomad “Gone Mad” - What’s up with all those concept cars?

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Chevrolet Nomad “Gone Mad”

What’s up with all those concept cars?



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Hunter's comment

When you take an idea, an engine, four wheels and you go “mad”... this Chevrolet Nomad 1995 “Gone Mad” is the result.

Real life result, not a collection of awesome photoshops and CGI videos.


A real car with a real engine. With 625 HP and sufficient components and other parts to make any hot rod and tuner drool and swim in their own drool.

And a genuine interior even. Without flower pots, just pure petrolhead love. And may some Britishness even without wood.

And probably the maddest color name ever.

Krazy Kiwi with Truffle Butter Gold.


It’s even ecological because [partially] recycled. Hah!

But most of all...

It’s one darn cool ride and you want it too.

Price? If you have to ask...

All left to do next is to see everyone run over to Classic Car Studio to hunt their whole catalogue



Hunter: @dashroom

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I like classical cars, such as Chevrolet. I amglad to see it as a hunt. Thanks for sharing.

a beautiful classic, not everyone can appreciate a good car, nor all the time it takes to realize this beauty .. thank you for your hunt

This hunt is a masterpiece for classic car enthusiasts. It has a real car and 625HP motor. I like it very much as Renler and Diaz. You find a beautiful hunt among the boring hunts.

Great hunt @dashroom! Looks like a vintage car still with a great look. If I had enough money, I’d definitely consider buying this one.

Vintage classic, all back original and there is a special sensation when rolling on the road, I like your hunt, different.
Keep Hunting!

Simply beautiful! Very impressed!

Oh, wow... Chevrolet is making me feel like I am gonna get electrocuted...

Nice hunt , happy hunting


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