Campfire - The Ultimate Story Writing Planner and Assistant

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The Ultimate Story Writing Planner and Assistant



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Hunter's comment

Do You Like Writing stories that are longer than few pages? Do you write short story collections set in the same universe? Have you ever had trouble following your own story plans? Have you ever had an assistant to help you with your fiction?

Campfire is doing all that for you!

A Full Comparison With Competing Products

You can get a DEMO that can help you with smaller scale works for free. Here are few selected features:

  • ​Flexible Timeline Corkboard
  • ​Scenes Linked to Locations
  • Upload Maps of the World
  • Export Timeline to PDF Outline

Fantasy and Detective writers are going LOVE this product.

Write Great Stuff With It Guys 🎓



Hunter: @d-zero

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Maybe I can utilize Campfire to write the story on Steemit.
It will be very useful to many.
Nice hunt.

Wow, I love this app because it makes the work for amateur writers who are passionate about writing all kinds of things, but in certain circumstances tend to lose the thread of what they are writing. I really liked that the interface is super easy and practical to use and that it offers us many options when it comes to writing and improving our texts.

Well done.