Wide Path Camper - a portable camp house - with drive on bicicle

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Wide Path Camper

a portable camp house - with drive on bicicle



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Hunter's comment

What is Wide Path Camper?


Mobile small house - a shelter from a weather, a comfortable bed for up to 2 people.

Product Features

  • solid construction
  • durable construction
  • easy to fold
  • Easy to pull
  • spacious (2 people)
  • attractive design


This is a great thing for ordinary cyclists on "flat ground" .

But, for longer "unpredictable travels" this is for strongerst sportsman...




Hunter: @crypto-mammoth


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Thanks for your review.

This is such a cool product. Almost looks like a portable house or living space for homesteaders. I am not really much of an outdoors person, but with this kind of thing, I would definitely be alllooking game to go out camping, especially if it was warm and cozy on the inside. Great Job Fellow Hunter!

Simple and useful.


What a wonderful hunting you present to us today. I love this portable house ..!
It makes me think of wanting to camp comfortably in the forest. Its design is very suitable for when we go for a walk with children, it is really safe against possible rain, winds; besides the forest animals like snakes or insects. Best of all, you can mobilize it with a bicycle.
Now it only remains to say:

Congratulations, continue to bring the best of your searches to: @Steemhunt...!

Thanks for support.

This would be perfect for a weekend trip into the wild but, maybe if you're a bit hardcore and have the time to do it, you could take this bad boy into an around the country trip. I'm wondering how hard it is to drag it.

Keep on hunting.

slowly but surely

liked the simplicity of the camper here, I saw a few ones that need a car or bike to pull the camper, but this is the first one I am seeing that can be pulled with a cycle.I am hoping that it is rugged in making , but i think it could be an accessory for those who love hitting the roads perennially.

Looks pretty tight.

What a cute camper. Perfect for couples celebrating simple dinner outside civilization. I wish I have one. Both.hahah

Yes, you are in right.
Just needs to a bike for both.
And that's it!

@crypto-mammoth, I like the simplicity and design of this compact camper, and never thought a bicycle can toll it along for camping. Great hunt.

It will not go too fast but will reach the goal ...

Solid hunt


  • It is mobile
  • Easy to fold
  • Great design
  • Nothing which i can see

Best of luck

an interesting product.

I am bike traveller. That is why i upvote this because it is very cool. You can travel around the world with is camping house and do not need to live in the hostels. But cycling with this big thing behind is not that easy when you go up hill and it may be dangerous when going down hill.

You are right.
The bike must be stable with excellent brakes.
Maybe the solution is to have two drivers.

It is really a great tool to camp around easily. You can easily camp with this vehicle instead of camping through tents and heavy camping materials. It's very sweet. Nice hunt.

Oh this is nice. I feel like I want to pull my boyfriend's hand and go on a little adventure, and have a peaceful date with candlelight and all that. :)

  • cool design
  • can fit 2 people
  • has comfortable bed
  • good for date or a little adventure
  • can be used as shelter when it rains
  • none

Thanks, this is a truly lucid product.

Aside from this looking like an oversized pet carrier for the Dutch people... I like this concept.

It does take the small living, tiny houses hype trend to a whole new level tho.

Exercise and pleasure travel.

The most important thing is that it is mobile and the space it is having is enough and same that of normal camping and I think it can also work great during rains or breeze.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

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