Social Ecommerce - Get Paid for Sharing Products You Love

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Social Ecommerce

Get Paid for Sharing Products You Love



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Join this Online Referral Community and Earn Money.
Simply Join as an Influencer.
Find a Product or Supplier.
Hit Refer and Share to your Social Media Account.

When a Sale is made, you Earn rBux Rewards which can be used towards a Purchase or changed in for Cash Money.

It’s that Simple.

Earn to Pin. Tweet. Share. Comment. Review. Refer a Friend.

Social referrals. Connecting Influencers to Brands and eCommerce Stores to Customers.

rBux Referral Marketing Platform | Refer. Reward. Redeem. rBux is the social commerce network that takes referral marketing to the next level.

10-15% is the suggested referral fee amount that vendors pay their digital salespeople (influencers) for being brand ambassadors, loyal customers and savvy marketers. While the referral fee can change, what stays constant is the referral reward to users, which remains at 75% of the referral fee amount.

Get started with rBux today!


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Hi @coolpeopleifb, could you please change the Hunt Title from 'Social Ecommerce' to 'rBux Influencer'? Please made this change using the Steemhunt Edit functionality. Thanks!


It shows on my end that it was updated.


hello. I was having trouble with my key. Im in now and cannot edit?

Really Great Idea,

Join this Online Referral Community and Earn Money.
I will check it soon.

Hi @coolpeopleifb - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 5. Quality of the Post

Wrong name.

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Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

I think such affiliate programs are useful for infleuncer or a person that has Network and that person can earn Good Amount of Money.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)