Chord - Make any headphones wireless

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Make any headphones wireless



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Chord updates that old wired technology and allows it to become wireless using Bluetooth Technology! Streaming from your phone has never been easier, as it also comes with control a things such as volume and changing tracks.

Chord also allows the user to hear sounds in full 3d for that true immersive sound.



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this product is super cool! the tiny device enhances the sound as well as it provides controls and sits between the music source (eg phone) and headphones. It not only powers wire headphones, but also wireless headphones with the build in bluetooth.


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This is pretty awesome. I think there are a lot of people that have a set of headphones that they really love but they wish that they could be wireless. Being able to turn your high quality set of headphones into a wireless set would be perfect. I have a set of Sony studio headphones that have some of the most amazing sound I have ever heard. They are wired though and many times it can be cumbersome to use them. I would love to have a device like this to convert them to something wireless-esque.

To be honest, I really love this one over any earphones or pods. We can have more easy access to our devices. Also, the design is very cool and user-friendly.
Nice find!

Wish I had this device at my youth when I was study in university. It could save many wires from my earphones from break! 🤔


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