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The Companion Robot




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Buddy - Your Companion Robot. Buddy is not just a robot but also an Open Source. Buddy is a 5kg robot that helps you on your everyday life. This robot is recommened for the use of disabled persons and elderly persons.

It is also very innovative because of its design and customize it by the use of Arduino (OpenSource)


  • 5000 grams
  • Run up to 8 - 10 hours
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Microphone
  • HDMI
  • Audio Output
  • 2 Speakers on its head
  • 8 inch display with a touchscreen
  • Has also Wifi & Bluetooth

What do you guys think? If you are a hunter, let's try to give some time to read the review properly and give an honest review and feedback. Lets build a community where gadgets has a content!




Hunter: @chuuuckie


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Keep up the hunt!
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Here's my review on this product:


  • He is built in opensource technology platform ( I myself is not a programmer) but if more apps can be created by global developers for him definitely it is a plus since they can improve the interface of Buddy.

  • A Personal Assistant and a Home Alarm in one. Once he found out that there is something/ unusual situation he will be sending in an alarm while you are away. ( It's like a roaming guard )

  • Kid interaction and elderly care ( medicine reminders) that is truly a lovely feature. Our old ones are kinda forgetful and someone who is reminding them without any miss would be really nice ( Humans tend to forget the time on drinking the meds kahit ako hahah )


  • iOS not supported I myself is an Android fan but for some who are into Apple software this can be something that they can work on.

Overall I think this product is really nice and great hunting @chuuuckie!


Wow Amazing Review. Keep it up!


  • Great and innovative design, very glad to see products like this one which helps elderly people and people with disability (PWD).
  • The technology it offers is too good to be ignored.
  • The running time of 8 to 10 hours is pretty good and i guess its too long, people especially elders or with disability don't move that much so perhaps that would extend the daily life of the robot.
  • It is an open source one, which is great, coders can easily see the code that it is being built.


  • I don't see a downside for this one, but if there is maybe to the point of view of some that this is maybe expensive.
  • I'm pretty sure, it would be a great help also that there is an iOS release for the app that is connected to the interface and functionality of this buddt robot.

Great hunt man @chuuuckie, would love to see hunts from you like this one which is of great help to elderly people and PWDs.

Great hunt here Chuck, awesome one!


  • Pretty cute and attractive.
  • A family companion robot and a home helper.
  • Fun and seems interactive one.
  • Convenient for the young, elderly and disabled who needs assistance.
  • Contains various features and specificationz


  • The robot might be exhausted if he keeps on talking more
  • Hardly unable to have meaningful conversation if the robot misheard the person he is talking to
  • Doesn't have facial recognition software
  • Not sure how long is the battery life

Looking at the promotional video, it was like the best product. However, you should not use this product. no need.

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  • Very useful to assist visually disabled people
  • Cheaper than getting a maid for the long term cost
  • Useful for monitoring things at home
  • A bit short to get things that are high
  • 8-10 hours of use may not be enough