Robot Smart Car Kit V2.0 - Robot kit based on Arduino

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Robot Smart Car Kit V2.0

Robot kit based on Arduino





Hunter's comment

Chronocrypto with a "new, techy, cool" hunt.

I am sorry but this is a very "cool" hunt, I don't care if you know anything about coding or not, this right here is a must-have. You like steemit don't you? Well, you should learn how to code... or unless you are just in it for the money and then move on the next thing you can milk... move along.

Apologies for that

This is a complete robot kit based on Arduino much like a raspberry pi. You build it with included instructions, and with the included code needed to run the bad boy.
control the little car remotely via a IR module, and make it follow lines, track hand and avoid obstacles.

What is even cooler is you can purchase additional parts to add to the car, such as more sensors maybe an arm etc.

Learn to code it and have fun building it.

After its all set and done, you can call your self a small-time engineer.

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Some information was found on the site, used for the hunt



Hunter: @chronocrypto

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additional parts available
helps you learn to code

probably a bit of a learning curve if you do not know how to code

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