Forest Pack - World's most popular scattering tool for 3ds Max

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Forest Pack

World's most popular scattering tool for 3ds Max



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Hunter's comment

Forest Pack is an advanced tool for 3ds max for scattering objects into a scene. This powerful plugin tool provides complete solution for creating vast areas of objects ranging from grasses, trees, plants, buildings etc. Any object that can be modelled in 3d max can be scattered using this tool.


  • Powerful tool
  • Granular control
  • Production-tested algorithms
  • Native Shaders
  • Advanced mapping
  • Fast
  • Interactive
  • Precise
  • Ready to use
  • Natural
  • Parametric areas


  • UI Improvements
  • Max 2020 and Arnold Support
  • PFlow Support
  • Effects Improvements
  • Multiple effects
  • New Tree Library
  • V-Ray improvements
  • Next support
  • Interactive Distribution Along Splines
  • Maps and Falloff Curves
  • New Grass Library
  • Interactive Marker Placement
  • Select all dependencies
  • Update Manager


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