Herbitat - Home farming has never been easier

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Home farming has never been easier



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Hunter's comment

  • No soil, no pests, no hassle
  • Full-spectrum LED grow lights (4 rows, individually-controllable)
  • Smart growth controller. Automates growth
  • Integrated nutrient, water, and temperature sensors
  • Automatic notifications when action is needed
  • Set light schedules and recipes. Grow a variety of plants
  • Detachable grow pods for easy maintenance
  • WiFi enabled with app control. Src

Herbitat is a smart home garden equipped with necessary components to help you grow healthy vegetables inside of your home. It is a wonderful product for people who like to grow plants and want some fresh greens in their kitchen.



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wow,It's nice to see me so beautiful.thanks share hunt.


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Ideal for city farming. Nice Hunt.

Have a nice day.

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