Garmin DASH CAM 55 - Compact Camera to Capture Everything in Your Travels

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Garmin DASH CAM 55

Compact Camera to Capture Everything in Your Travels



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Hunter's comment

Garmin DASH CAM 55 is a compact camera to capture everything in your travels, it is a smart extension for your vehicle, with 3.7 megapixels you can record images in an amazing resolution of 1440P.


It has voice control technology, you can simply use your voice to activate the camera.

With this smart camera you can prevent accidents, have frontal collision and lane departure warnings, gives you alerts for nearby red light cameras, as well as speed cameras.



  • You can automatically save the images on the impact, as well as the GPS information.

  • You can start and stop recording, take a still image and even start and stop the Travelapse function.

  • It works wonders in low light conditions.



Hunter: @carlos3332018

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I'm in the market for something like this. Just last week my buddy was in a collision and his car was totaled. He was not at fault but it was a red light. The other driver who caused the accident lied about it and my friend was now at fault. Luckily he had a dash cam which recorded the entire incident and he was cleared. If he hadn't had it he would have been screwed. He would have been ticketed and his insurance would have gone up. Here is a link to watch the dash cam in action if you care. It's kind of interesting. skip to 2:25 to see the crash.


This is something of great use. helps so much in every way. I would love to have 3 of them. one on front, rear and sides. would be very amazing

Good hunt! I am also planing to buy in the future. Not now because looks like that me and the family will stay now abroad but when we come back for sure i will need one.