CASIO Exilim EX-FR10 - Can Take Selfies, Group Photos, Later Shots, & More

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CASIO Exilim EX-FR10

Can Take Selfies, Group Photos, Later Shots, & More



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Hunter's comment

Casio EX-FR10 is a camera design that seeks to change the way of framing and taking the picture while holding the camera.


It is a camera that you can use for Selfie or with the push of a button you can divide it.


By dividing it you can use this camera through a Bluetooth connection that keeps the two parts synchronized and with the optional accessories you can attach the camera to a hat, neck strap or vest.


  • 14-megapixel CMOS sensor illuminated from the rear.

  • Full HD video recording.

  • 2-inch LCD touch screen.

  • Built-in WiFi to share instantly through a phone or tablet.

  • Approves of splashes, blows and dust.



Hunter: @carlos3332018

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It's too much handy to take selfies. Such camera needed the most in this modern era where selfie becomes topmost priority whenever you get ready to do something. Nice hunt

This is indeed a very great camera and i am in love with this particular pattern that makes it to be able to have a separate body and still synchronize with the help of the bluetooth.

I always knew Casio were good in developing awesome gadgets. I still have their wristwatch since 5 years ago and have not changed the battery or whatsoever. This is the kind of camera that I’ll love to have around

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Cool hunt mate.

  • Hd result.
  • small in size.
  • synchronization.
  • easy to use.



Wow have not seen this kind of camera before. It not the normal one I get to see everyday. It is unique, beautiful and efficient. How I wish you included the price. But thanks anyways

I sometimes call this generation a selfie generation. This hunt is really helpful because we all love to take selfies at any given point in time.
Thanks for sharing this