trapview - Automated Pest Monitoring System To Boost Crops Production

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Automated Pest Monitoring System To Boost Crops Production



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What is "trapview"?

TRAPVIEW is an automated pest monitoring system that monitors all kinds of insects, which can be lured into insect traps. It works on all continents in any area covered by the GPRS or 3G network. TRAPVIEW system consists of three fully integrated, automated and easy to use tools.

So, it's the tool based on IoT (Internet of Things) that can give us realtime data if some insects start to attack our crops / plants.

Monitor - Forecast - Decide Better

Imagine if you can detect the pest attack earlier (or at the beginning), i am sure you can act faster to protect your crops, or at least try to give more treatment for it.

Growing Healthy Food

No Pest means you can grow healthy foods, the foods that can make peoples healthy. Beside you can make :moneybag:, you can make peoples healthy and happy :grin:.

Oh ya, if you can forecast at the right time, you can save :moneybag:



Hunter: @calprut

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TRAPVIEW System is awesome addition in agricultural industry. Mostly lot of fruits and crops damaged at the starting period due to attack of different pests. And when we know about it the much time is over. Now no need to afraid of any pest because TRAPVIEW system intimate you earlier by detecting the problem and you got healthy result. Excellent and unique hunting @calprut.

While I was in my FSc there was a story about some kind of pests which attack on a large scale of fields in an area. The farmers were very anguished of them. I am sure if they knew about Trapview they would have protected themselves and their livelihood (the fields). Good to see it is connected to an app and not an ordinary box as it looks from far.

Pests are really the main problem faced by both farmers and cultivators.

And now we have to thank technology, especially IoT, that can monitor and analyze pest disturbances in a place so that it impacts on increasing the amount of production and harvest.

This IoT must be disseminated.

Harmful insects do a lot of damage to crops and minimize yield ultimately affecting lives of millions of people who are already not enjoying high standard of living (small farmers). Fruits are most affected by the damage done by these insects.

Trapview is a wonderful tool to gather useful data which can be used ultimately to make early and correct decisions to boost yields and boost standard of life.

The best thing is that it is able to distinguish between good and bad insects. Friendly insects are spared from automatically traps. Great Hunt!

Pests are the poison for our crops but thankfully we have Trapview to tacle them. Now our yields will enhance and the invested money will be generating more profits. Also when there are no pests it means our food will be more hygienic and bacteria free.

Nice hunt Sir! Good idea to monitor pest so we can act fast to control them before they become a major issue. Could use the Trapview in #coffee-lounge to catch the milking pests.

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TRAPVIEW is the ideal tool for growers because it offers constant monitoring and crop protection against different pest problems. This product will make growers spend less time reviewing their harvests.

Excellent hunting. Thank you for sharing this product that is vital in crop life.

Hey mate @calprut!
Are they selling this also in ph? Will be good on our ricefarm also maybe.
By the way i am planing to set up a modern farm so i am always curious about these kind of innovations.
Thanks for shareing it is a great hunt!

Looks like a gem for farmers and i like it cause it give much needed time to farmers to defend their crops against pests, insects, and disease. The setup is quite easy but it's lightweight so might get blown away with strong winds in addition it is used in outdoors so i hope it will be water resistant too. Cool Hunt

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