Invisible Watch - Only You Can See The Content On Your Watch

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Invisible Watch

Only You Can See The Content On Your Watch


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Hunter's comment

What if i told you, you can see invisible things on your watch?

You can now have "INVISIBLE WATCH" now. This technology will really help for a number of interests. XD like cheating.

I am really sure the students like @sabari18, @tornad, @chuuuckie, @tornad, @afrinsultana, and many other members that still in university need this watch. (No, i don't ask you peoples to upvote this, no, i just want to introduce this kind of weird product to you all).

$70 doesn't seem to be too expensive for your successful learning XD

Oh ya, and don't mind about the gif, it's just a marketing tool XD

In addition, this technology has also been implemented in several other screens as in the video explanation. Maybe I will review some of these products later.

Don't forget to leave your comment (even you don't give upvote), it encourages me



Hunter: @calprut

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Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

As you said it looks like really useful for the students but I am not sure if the teachers like invisible watch, hahaha. Perfect hunt @calprut

LOL. Now that is really interesting. It will be very useful for people who wanted to cheat during exams, not that I am encouraging them to cheat. Great hunt.


the tech behind this is cool, right? @beverlyjoe

LOL ...James Bond style. You are misguiding students by introducing such 007 type gadgets. You did not ask for a vote but the product does. fantastic, magical hunt.


i just offer "The Easiest Solution" XD @sabari18

Very cool item for me. It's so amazing bcz, it's contents are only visible to me..! Beautiful outlook, wonderful features & Affordable price.. Just really super cool & amazing. Thank you @calprut for this

Great Hunt.


thank you so much @faiyazmahmud XD, lol you can hide anything in your watch

Wow.this watch amazing dear. I just love it..its really helpfuull watch for us. ..hahahah


LOL, XD iron mas has the better glasses XD

Mantaap, buru terus bang hehe

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thanks @nureza, it's better to use english in steemhunt XD

oh ya, cmon bro, let's hunt together :) i will always give support to my fellow indonesian.

And its pretty useful, if you use it on your monitor, while watch some nsfw content :D


LOL, you know what i think XD @kriptonik

I was wondering who would need this kind of watch until you mentioned students, that would make a great cheat sheet lol, I guess it would be great for when one needs to do presentations.


LOL @elsiekjay
if this device come up 10 years ago, i will be the TOP 1 student in my town XD


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