Nutlock - Outsmart Thieves With This Ridicolous Lock

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Outsmart Thieves With This Ridicolous Lock



Hunter's comment

The Problem

In seconds, bye bye wheels.....

The Solution is :

Nutlock give unique pattern for your lock and key. So, only your key will work to unlock the lock.

How if we lose that key?, - no problem,

Any orders placed on our website will automatically save your key's unique serial code. This means you're covered in case you lose your key.

How Safe Is Nutlock?

From that test, we can know that Nutlock is super safe. All standard tools will not work.

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I'm not a biker but I live in a country where you can't leave your bike unsupervised for a minute. This looks like a very smart, safe, useful and easy to use lock. I'm sure many bikers would need it to keep their expensive bikes safe. Nice hunt!

LoL It is a nut out of the ordinary very useful to avoid stolen the wheels to the bicycle, I would be delighted to have this nut in the past.
Thanks for sharing this great product.

Bicycle wheels are not cheap these days and for a small investment we can keep them safe by purchasing these special nuts. I know cars have special nuts so this is the same type of concept. A great idea and something that is really needed. A good hunt.

LOL... I have to say... I love it!

Will buy one, reverse engineer the serial code algorithm and then build a custom tool with a 3D printer. Hehehhe, done!


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