Wherein - Steem Meets Instagram... Social Media Dapp On Steem

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Steem Meets Instagram... Social Media Dapp On Steem



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Hey Steemians here's another Steem dapp called Wherein. It is a social media platform made for light blogs similar to Instagram.

Theres allot more to it so please refer to this post by @wherein where he explains the whole project in detail as well as his vision for Wherein. There is a road map for the project also on the post. They explain it way better than I can with 1,000 words.


The app is only available in Chinese but is pretty straightforward to use.
If you go to their website with Google you could use Google translate to check out the website in English.

I spoke to the creators of the app and they said they are working on the English version and it will be released some time in the near future.

It is an up and running dapp available on iOS and Android currently ranked at #32 on https://steemapps.com

Be sure to follow @wherein on Steem for more updates on the project.




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I downloaded the app, but I don't speak Chinese. (I like to test things).
I am very impressed with the design, having to guess what things meant I didn't want to "play" too much.

It reminds me of @steepshot, before that stopped working. I would very much like an English version of this dApp. But I can see a big successful future for the Chinese version.

I just want to be able to upload photos to Steem again!


Yeah its a very impressive app. Even with the Chinese version it was pretty easy to find my way around the app. Ive spoke with the developers of the app and the English version is in the works for the near future. They want to “improve the fluency as well as the underlying architecture to provide a better tool for the community” in his words before they come out with the English version. Be sure to follow @wherein for more updates.

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I sure will. I use @partiko, which is great, Appics won't let me in, but the first person to replace Steepshot properly is on a winner.

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