Whirly Board - Improve Balance and Agility workout

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Whirly Board

Improve Balance and Agility workout



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Hunter's comment

After seeing the Whirly Board Welcome Video above, it is understandable what is the function of this Whirly Board product.
The Whirly Board is designed to train balance when using the board, basically, in the direct practice of using a skateboard, snowboard, surfing boards etc, doing balance and tricks has become an expert.
With the Whirly Board, practicing the balance of the board can be done in the room to reduce injury if you are not skilled.

That's right, using a board, including those prone to accidents for anyone who is still a beginner, practicing with the Whirly Board might reduce that possibility and still be fun to use it.




Hunter: @butty


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Innovative board to increase skills, can be used in a safe place, skateboard is an extreme sport, practicing safely with the Whirly Board is a great idea,
Nice Hunt @butty

This looks so...much...fun!!

I don't' ride skareboards, surfboards or snowboards, but I want one of these - so I could if I wanted.

Like the video says, it'll be great for balance and developing core strength - both of which are important across many activities. And it just looks like so much fun to use.

I love this Whirly Board! It looks so cool and with this, one can learn how to balance well while skating. Nice hunt!

Whirl Board is a great way for practising before boarding. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

I need to improve my balance. I am not good at it. I think I need more practice with Whirly Board. Thanks for sharing.

Great hunt

It is an awesome tool . it can prove very helpful in dancers and people working in viruses as they need have good balance to perform tasks.

Great hunt. This board looks nice and functional. $120 is not very expensive, but not easily affordable at the same time. Need to see how this is different from competitor's.

I like skateboard and I am pretty good. Whirly Board is a useful product for the beginners. Perfect hunt.

Great looking hunt and very cool design of the board.Considering its ride and speed, it is quite enjoyable to use this product.


  • Great for athletes trying to improve themselves. I have seen Lebron James train on a similar board.


  • Can improve strength.
  • Can improves stability.


  • None.

This skateboard looks great, have balance in it must be great, I want mine already, great hunting

Pros and Cons
-Very cool design of the board
-Fun and good for training

-Fairly expensive for purchase

fun while you exercise. great hunting

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Interesting and as they say practice makes perfect right!? This can be used inside as well making it ideal IMO.

Excellent skateboard for beginners who want to make good use and enjoy in this sport. Super hunt


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