Wheelie Rider 3D - Realistic 3D wheelie game

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Wheelie Rider 3D

Realistic 3D wheelie game


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Hunter's comment

Wheelie Rider 3D is a motorcycle game, proving that you are a cool biker with riding and stylish abilities.
3D view of this game is the best part, good gameplay with the idea of free style motorcycle in the middle of the city.
The 3D graphics are good, the sounds are real, the interface is easy to learn, overall the game is good.

The developer of this app is © Kimble Games
This app is free to play, Offers In-app Purchases





Hunter: @butty


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Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


Congratulations on your hunt, this game is quite good with excellent graphics and I love how you have designed the website.
I give you 100% of my vote. Congratulations.


Yes, you are right @buritica and thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it 😉


I like racing games like biking and cars, You find a nice hunt Wheelie Rider 3D best realistic motorbike game because in this game there are Over 30 bikes and 300 challenge levels so i take time to end the game, well enjoy the game