Tor Browser for Android Alpha - Strongest tool for privacy and freedom online

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Tor Browser for Android Alpha

Strongest tool for privacy and freedom online



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Hunter's comment

Based on information from the official TorProject, Tor introduced the Tor Browser for Android (alpha) which was released 2 days ago from the time this article was uploaded and can be downloaded directly through Google Play.

Note: For this release of Tor Browser for Android (alpha), Orbot needs to be installed to connect Tor Browser to the Tor network.
For the release to come, Orbot no longer needs to connect to Tor.

The features embedded in this alpha project version are Block tracker, Defend against surveillance, Resist fingerprinting, Multi-layered encryption and Browse freely



Hunter: @butty

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This version is new to me, I did not knowthat existed for the iphone.
I usually use a lot of tor for pc.
I like this product, good hunt

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Tor, in my opinion, is the best since they first released it, browser products that prioritize surfing security are the convenience of identity and I think, the latest update of the Android browser version will be the best open source browser.

Yeah, I read the link that u share to Tor blog, this is a new one of Tor Browser for Android, thank you @butty

I've been using TOR for a long time but never on Android. This is a game changer. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check this out. Good hunt.

cool its look like new i have only used orfox and orbot look like time to try something new .
great hunt !!

I'm going to try this search engine, thanks for bringing it. The downside is that you also need to install Orbot, so you can connect to the Tor network.

Browse freely? I would like to try this in my office to see if I can browse blocked sites.