Sumo POP - Local Multiplayer Sumo Action!

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Sumo POP

Local Multiplayer Sumo Action!



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Hunter's comment

Sumo POP is a lightweight game application that is played in Local Multiplayer, this game is fun to play with your friends.
This game is very entertaining, burning free time.
The graphics of this game is pretty good, the interface is very easy to learn, fun in playing it.

The developer of this app is © Red Couch LLC

This game application is free to play, Offers In-App Purchases

  • Remove Ads $ 2.99

Download here



Hunter: @butty

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Excellent hunt my friend I will give you 100% of my vote this game is really great fun thank you very much for your contribution :-)

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Very good game @butty, this game seems great for children and adults then I will leave my personal opinion about this game.


  • It has very good graphics and its gameplay is excellent, easy to play even for children up to 4 years old.
  • In addition to a multiplayer game in which you can compete with your friends, it is a very useful tool to learn.
  • It is compatible with most iOS devices and the best thing is that it is totally free


  • Only available now for iOS would be great to see on Android.

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