Nail Fantasy - become a pro manicurist

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Nail Fantasy

become a pro manicurist



Hunter's comment

Nail Fantasy is a game with an interesting gameplay, being a manicurist who has his own shop, creating, developing imagination for customer manicures to look luxurious and cool !.
hey girl, this app is for you, be the best in manicure competition with the best creations.

Good graphics support an easy-to-learn interface with many support features that make it comfortable to play.

The developer of this app is © LIBII GIRLS GAME STUDIO
This app is free to play, Offers In-App Purchases:

Download here



Hunter: @butty

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  • a unique and smart app

  • an interesting ornamental game

  • can make us become professional beauty experts


  • none

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  • unique and interesting gameplay game

  • can create and develop imagination for customer manicure to look luxurious and cool

  • great graphics with great features


  • none

Awesome hunt ! Thanks for your work.

Here is my review for your hunt:

My personal score :★★★★★★★★ (Max: 10 Stars)


  • This product is interesting and addictive
  • This product is very easy to use
  • This product had user friendly UI
  • This product is free


  • None

Good job and great hunt!

Looking forward to see more great hunt from you!

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