Airro Mini - Drone First Person View can 360° Acrobatic Flight

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Airro Mini

Drone First Person View can 360° Acrobatic Flight



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Hunter's comment

Airro Mini Is a First Person View mini-drone with Acro mode that can store HD recordings on a micro-SD card.

Unlike other Drones, because of its small size, Airro Mini can do 360 ° acrobatic movements in First Person View to feel the sensation of flying directly because it is equipped with First Person glasses that are similar to virtual reality.

Airro Mini is equipped with a Lithium-polymer battery that can fly up to 3 hours which can be monitored directly through an OSD (on-screen display).



Hunter: @butty

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Hi @butty,

Thanks for your hunt but the Airro Mini is a crowdfunding campaign which isn’t active yet.

As per Steemhunt posting guidelines (Section 3) we only accept active or completed crowdfunding campaigns. Even though you linked the website, this campaign isn’t active yet.

3-3. Crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) - The funding should be active status or fully pledged. The project that has failed to be pledged won't be accepted.

3 hours is good enough for a drone batt. It looks like a little toy but what it can do is awesome. 360 view with VR capability is a good something. Good hunt, thanks for sharing.

I love drone

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Me too 😊


From where you buy it

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