Breastfeeding new born tracker - feeding, pumping, sleep and diapers

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Breastfeeding new born tracker

feeding, pumping, sleep and diapers



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Hello dear hunters, today's hunt is an app that helps the mother's to jot the daily routine and the activities involve in taking care of their babies, this app helps to keep record of everything they do with their babies and also makes it easier for the mother's to remember everything incase those informations are needed.


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A great app for all those wonderful moms out there. This app helps you to track your baby's breastfeeding, pumping, solid food consumption and more. Easy to use colorful interface too.

Excellent idea to record all needed to mothers. So they won't forget anything! I like this Hunt! 👍

A baby to a parent is there whole world and it is always good to keep a track on your baby's feeding and other necessities to comfort him/her the most. This is the perfect app to track all your baby's feeding and other activities.

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Mothers need to regulate what they do each day. They need to have control of their lives even when they have babies

As a new mother, I think this app help with keeping track of the daily activities involved in taking good care of their babies. It will also help them remember what to do at the right time. Good hunt


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