Equipter RB4000 - This is a great product for the Roofing Industry

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Equipter RB4000

This is a great product for the Roofing Industry



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Tearing off roofing material is a miserable job but, the Equipter RB4000 was developed not only to get materials onto the roof but get the old shingles off in a clean and safe fashion for roofing contractors. Most roofers use a conventional pull behind dump trailer but dropping shingles two or three stories is not only messy but often times dangerous. The best part is when your done, just hitch it up to your truck and haul the trash to the city dump and use the hydraulic lift to empty the trailer. I have seen this product in use and it sure can save you a lot of time but more importantly keep your job site safe and clean because the trailer is positioned at roof level. The cost is not much more than the price of a regular dump trailer and it offers a lot of value added features to make the job a breeze.




Hunter: @broncnutz


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Great hunt sir, it seems you just started again in steemhunt. I saw your last hunt a few weeks ago :)


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Great hunt as always brother.

Funny that you post this product seems like its roof changing season.

I am happy to see you here, I got support From you many times, Here is my little support for your hunt @broncnutz.

great product! welcome to steemhunt

I've never seen one of these before. My neighbor is having a new roof put on and the contractor has one. Its pretty slick. Good job.

All the work is possible due to technology, and due to technology, all work is done today very fast and the Equipter RB4000 is good example of it.

amazing. wish I could afford to buy one. this would save me so much time and so many different workers backs. ha ha

great hunt @broncnutz

Nice hunt my friend @broncnutz

Take a look at a day in the life of the Shirk Bros see video Youtube how the Equipter RB4000 increases their efficiency (great).

WOw it’s really amazing I think it will we very helpful to roofing industry. Thanks for sharing this with us great hunt @broncnutz keep sharing new things with us. Keep growing

It seems very flexible! We could yvery well use this one few years ago when we were rebuilding roof on our house. Good hunt, @broncnutz.

Great invention for the work, technology so much advanced, impressive!

Look who is here, @Broncnutz,
Welcome to steemhunt.
Check out my hunt too!

Wow! That looks like a monster machine. I may not understand how it works but it certainly will do alot of good in that industry .From your description it does seem like a very effective too to consider. It's portability is an added bonus. Great Hunt!

Very interesting and great hunt.very impressive and useful product in industry.thanks for sharing.

Making contractors get a lot of benefits, they can work more easily.

Steemhunt is awesome i like it and thank you for sharing this post with us

Great steemhunt sir your presence always adds something to steemhunt great to see you sir.

@broncnutz Quite interesting and impressive ! Welcome to the steemit!

today technology is best we can make a easy life with using technology and Equipter RB4000 is amazing its look is awesome.👌🏻

its look is really nice i think equipter RB4000 can work easy and fast

very great hunt dear

Hello sir @Broncnutz very grateful hunt sir.

Very nice...would have liked to have one of those back in my roofer days.


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Hello my best friend @Broncnutz how are you? Great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

Woow,a cool way to get on the roof without any damage
GREAT HUNT @broncutz

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and definately good post for civil engineers around steemit like me.

thanks @broncnutz for sharing this publication so interested as it is the roof you have to walk on time this seems great
happy day friend

@broncnutz no doubt that is a time saving product and great invention.

great work of technology is so advanced you see that it is a good product greetings @broncnutz

Definitely a great product hunt you have done and thanks for sharing it with us all :)

Great hunt @broncnutz .This is a great product,it saves a lot of man hours and energy that is spent on cleaning the job sites what's more is that it creates a safe working environment.Great product,great value for money

Hello, I have heard lot about your generosity and kindness and I am pretty convinced that you are among those influential members of the platform who are always there to play the vital role fr the betterment of the platform @broncnutz :)
Here is my review about Equipter RB4000


  • Specially designed to load the heavy material to take on to high buildings' roof
  • Works on the Hydraulic principle which is quite effective and safe
  • It definitely saves the time
  • Produces no mess on the sight and ensures the cleanliness
  • Minimizes the danger involve while using a tanker to load the material
  • Not costy at all


  • None for it

Overall it is an amazing hunt and actually beyond the hunting it is much more necessary for the architectural purposes. Great find and I dearly appreciate the minds behind this awesome idea @broncnutz <3

@broncnutzan excellent hunting, this product is revolutionary, very practical, saves a lot of production time and is very safe in its use
many garcias for teaching us this great product
I wish you a happy hunt

Great Hunter,
I saw the first pretty Hunter of life. Look nice I have never seen such a beautiful hunter before.
Thank you so much for showing such an amazing Hunter


The strange things you are into!

They have those in Palm Beach too!





Very good machine. First time seeing this type machine .

Very good technology. Such a great product .

Awesome hunt !!

wow what a great hunt buddy

Un excelente reportaje!

Awesome hunt