Hunt Token Free 1:1 Airdrop For Steem Power Holders. Here’s How.

in steemhunt •  4 months ago

If you own Steem and have not collected your free airdrop tokens yet, you might want to do so before the airdrop period ends. The free airdrop is for all Holders of Steem Power and you get 1:1 tokens. Collect yours today.

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Thanks for the heads up on this! Grabbing my airdrop today!

Hey, as usual thanks for the heads up brother! I was already a member but hadn't hit the "claim" button so you saved my tokens. Much appreciated. So I get the gist of the site but how are these gonna be used and how do you find out what they're worth? Yep, most times you gotta' spell it out for me :)


They haven’t even launched the native Token yet so just hold them for now. Much is still unknown.


Kool . Thank you for the reply brother! I got em' due to you. Much appreciated! :)

I have already claimed it before and now my steem power goes up by about 300. Is there any way by which I can claim it again ? Sadly its not working for me. I did too much hurry to claim it :(


No you can only claim one time.


Pretty sad and frustrated to hear that for investors like me :(

Thanks for the reminder on this :) I already forgot about it.

Good news sir hope will join steemhunt and then get free air drops.


Thanks sir

Done and Done!!

Hell Yeah Mr. Nutz! That was a piece of cake took a whole 3 minutes. Been out of the states for so long I lost my passion to be a Giants fan.....I think you may have just made me a Broncos fan. Great find, great share. Resteemed. You rock!

Thanks for bringing that real deal crypto news that we can use

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You might want to tell people NOT to rush -- in all honesty I jumped on day one and now really regret it, as I have way more SP than before. You can only claim ONCE. This needs to be reiterated loudly. Cheers!

Hello to you @bronctnutz? What is airdrops please? I'm a new comer here. Still trying to find my way around. Hope you can help.


Just free tokens for holding Steem power

interesting news grace for sharing, greetings

Great tip. Thanks buddy. I grabbed my airdrop and it was super easy to do. Keep the good news coming...

thanks for sharing this good news

Thanks for the heads up on this. Now all I gotta do is figure out what to do with these Hunt tokens.....

Great news and I'll join very soon steemhunt for get hunt taken air drop.
Better instruction gave you for login.

Much love big homie. I really appreciate the free directiob to the cheese..

Thank you for such a great information @broncnutz

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Listen to what the man is telling ya. Stemhunt is already established and has been running on the Steem blockchain for a while now. These tokens are free and will hold value. I love how easy Steemconnect makes everything and you never need to worry about the safety of your account. I know I’ll be getting my free airdrop ASAP.

thanx @broncnutz for inform about hunt airdrop to all of us but can you predict it that what will be the price of this token in start,whats your reviews about it?

Thanks @broncnutz for sharing
I hope it will be beneficial for everyone

You are on-top of it brother. Thank you for sharing!

Great, very nice and descriptive, @broncnutz.

Just collected mine awesome thanks for sharing this update :D

Where can I use my Hunt Tokens...are they redeemable???


Not yet. ERC 20 tokens but soon they will be tradable.


Or else I can hodl them and wait for price to increase...due to airdrop there will be sudden selling pressure and price drop as a result...

That's brilliant news to every steem power holders. I hope will join steemhunt and then get free air drops.

Highly appreciated service by you sir @broncnutz.
How much SP we need to hold take hunt tokens?


It’s 1:1 and I don’t think there is a min token amount you must hold.

thanks for the information... appreciate it...

Thanks for the head's up!

thanks for best information! thanks for sharing

Thanks! This worked out better than the vice airdrop : ) and the site is up and running which makes it even better.


There is no Vice airdrop because Vice decided to fork the Steem blockchain instead of becoming an SMT.


Ok cool thanks.

@broncnutz, I logged in to after listen your voice. But no airdrop seemed from it. When release hunt token air drop?
Anyway thanks a lot for given secure way to login.


Go to your wallet on steemhunt and click on the claim tokens tab.


Thanks to the advice. I Received 506.39 from @steemhunt

I have not much steem power , so I can't get it .

Great, thank you👍

Good news @broncnutz thank you

I got my 20 steem hunt token

thanks for the info

wow amazing >:

wow...i think everyone can benefitted from this airdrop...thank you...